Gaming Fyx – Episode 137! (It’s Tony All The Way Down!!)

This week we are joined by Tony, Tony, Tony and Tony as we talk about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, The Avengers, FFXIV, Wasteland 3, and Crusader Kings 3! We are also joined by Tony in the news, where there are some super exciting highlights from Nvidia, some conversations about Nintendo, and much more. Lastly, spend lots of time talking about Tonys across games!

00:04:11 – Show Start
00:08:10 – The Avengers
00:32:42 – THPS 1+2
00:48:15 – FFXIV
00:58:23 – A random tangent about Crusader Kings 3
01:07:10 – Wasteland 3
01:23:18 – RIP Vlambeer
01:28:13 – Nvidia reveals their 3000 series cards
01:44:48 – Sony might bring more first party stuff to PC
01:49:39 – G4 Doing a crappy marketing stunt
01:56:48 – Mike Z from Lab Zero lays off entire studio
01:59:59 – The Witcher 3 and its upgrades (for free)
02:06:34 – Mario turns 35
02:34:30 – Tony Talk

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