Gaming Fyx – Episode 146! (Krogan Daycare Simulator!!)

This week we actually have… Mostly good news?!? That’s unexpected, but certainly welcome. Not a ton of game talk this week, but we do dive into Atelier Ryza and Little Hope, give Umineko a …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 146! (Krogan Daycare Simulator!!) Read More »

Gaming Fyx – Episode 134! (Ejecto Seato!! ft. Jan Ochoa)

This week we are joined by the always affable Jan Ochoa from Giant Bomb! He graces us with tales of the Peloton bike, and joins us for talks about the new Fast & Furious …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 134! (Ejecto Seato!! ft. Jan Ochoa) Read More »

Resident Evil 3 (2020) Review

For me, few games are as iconic as the Resident Evil series. Specifically, the first three for Playstation. While I was too young to play and enjoy them at the time, I’ve developed a healthy respect for the series and love their blend of puzzle-solving and campy stories. Last year’s remake of Resident Evil 2 floored me with its reimagining of my favorite game in the series. The developers managed to make a game that felt true to the original but updated with modern sensibilities. With Capcom’s track record over the past few years, I was excited for the remake of Resident Evil 3, but with slight apprehension due to the fact that it was being made by a different team than either RE7 or RE2. Now that it’s here, I can finally tell you whether or not it’s one of the better entries in the Resident Evil franchise.

Fyxies 2019 – Game of the Year!

2019 has come and gone, and as we gathered for our third annual Fyxies, we here at Gaming Fyx found ourselves excited to look back upon the year that was. Join us as we go through our top ten games of the year!

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