before i forget

Before I Forget Review

Sincerity carries a lot of weight in games, and I can’t think of many games who come across as more sincere than Before I Forget. While it isn’t perfect in execution, it is doing a lot with a little and carries more weight than one would expect from first glance. It is cathartic, moving, hopeful, witty, and affecting all wrapped up in a relatively short experience. It is a game I have no problem recommending, and one I won’t soon forget. 

Gaming Fyx – Episode 130! (Ghost of Tsushima & Knuckles)

Grab your Beazy Cheens and join us for a hot and fresh episode of Gaming Fyx! This week we are reunited with the all-time great known as Erica!!! We have some talks about accessibility …

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It's a very good game

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