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Gaming Fyx – Episode 12! (Maybe don’t listen to the last 20 minutes!!)

Join us in this totally sane cast about games that came out this week! As always, fun for the whole family all the way until the end.

Movie Fyx – Episode 1! (Get’cha Movies Herrreee!!)

Oh, look! It’s a new fyx for you. This time we are talking about all of the hottest movies, such as Ping Pong. Oh and also a lot of talk about Black Panther

Gaming Fyx – Episode 11! (Luigi Facts!!)

SFW as always, as we talk about super neat things like Redwall-y games, Mars-y games, Battle Royale-y games, AI-based-y games, Mario-y games, and puzzle-y games!! Definitely listen to this podcast with your kids!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 10! (Definitely Safe for Work!!)

Hey! Join us on a totally great adventure which is fun for the whole family. We talk about friendly things like Nintendo! Definitely nothing lewd here!

Gaming Fyx – Episode 9! (Mayonnaise Tsunami!!)

Welcome our guest Chris Edgerton as we talk about a bunch of games, including Into the Breach, Part Time UFO, Wonderful Everyday, Mario + Rabbids, Binding of Isaac, Kingdom Come Deliverance, and much more.

Gaming Fyx – Episode 8! (Made in A-Fyx!!)

Here we are again, with another hot Fyx for you! We have a special guest this time around – the lovely Chris Edgerton! We spend our time kinda talking about games, but mostly talking …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 8! (Made in A-Fyx!!) Read More »

Gaming Fyx – Episode 6! (Hey, it rhymes!!)

Oh hey! Join us in this latest episode of Gaming Fyx where we cast (50) shade(s) at a certain movie, and talk about a whole bunch of video games including Shadow of the Colossus, …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 6! (Hey, it rhymes!!) Read More »

Gaming Fyx – Episode 5! (Real Gaming Girls!!)

HEADS UP – SOME AUDIO ISSUES WITH THIS ONE, IT WILL BE FIXED NEXT WEEK! Welcome to Episode 5 of our podcast! Join us in talks about Microsoft’s interesting position in the industry, and …

Gaming Fyx – Episode 5! (Real Gaming Girls!!) Read More »

Gaming Fyx – Episode 4! (!!)

Welcome to Episode 4 of our totally neato podcast! We spend our time chattin’ all about what we’ve been playing, some pretty rockin’ news, and all the alternate sponsorships you can handle!

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